Born in 1984 in Dallas, Texas; going to University of Texas at Dallas; I have experience with Web design, graphics work, IT work, and almost anything involving technology, but my true passion is modeling and bringing my mental creations to life through technology. I currently have a Bachelor’s in ATEC and am going back for my Master’s. I have experience in making several mods and maps for some of the latest games to date. Most would think as an artist that I am quiet and reserved, but due to my past jobs involving creating and managing websites for clients as well as doing IT work out of my home to help pay for school, I have a long history with making presentations and speeches for groups of up to 50 people in conference rooms, so guiding and directing people to making choices is very easy and comes very natural to me. I specialize in rigging and modeling, but am not limited to only those skills. I have practice in rigging, modeling, UVing, texturing, rendering, and animation.

Another Major Site Update

October 8, 2008

I did a major overhaul of the site and seperated my 3D models page into sections instead of keeping it all in one location. This should make navigating the site a bit easier and also make my portfolio a bit more organized. I'm working on adding my environmental models to the section soon so keep an eye out. I have also added an Intro page which you should have seen on the way here. This allowed me to pull my blog off this site and make it strictly a portfolio site. Now that I have everything a bit more organized I should start posting more stuff to the sites I have up soon.

-Steven Sherrod

Slowly Updating the Site

May 14, 2008

I now have the misc section up to date under my 3Dart section, and I will soon be posting my TF2 map download as well as environmental renders of the props built for that map. I will also be making my first series of posts to my tutorial section today as well as working on getting my meta data to work on the tutorial section so I can have an easier time keeping track of the comments and requests on my page. I am currently still looking for a job in the Dallas or Austin area so please visit my contact page if you are hiring or interested in an interview with me.

-Steven Sherrod

We won the game competition!

April 27, 2008

Our team won the Computer Game Entrepreneurship Competition at University of Texas at Dallas.

  • 1st Place Team ($12,000)
  • Innovation Award ($1,000)

In the past few months a team of my friends and I have worked on a game project called Skyward. I was the lead concept, modeler, and rigger on the team. Most of the models seen in the game were created and rigged by me. You will find some of the concept art that I have done for the game currently in my 2Dart page (Has been removed for reworking). Just recently it was announced that we won both First place and the Innovation award for unique gameplay. Posted below are some pictures of us with the giant checks and a video of our game. If you would like to download the mod you can get a copy here.

This was the UTD's CGEC (Computer Gaming Entrepreneurship Competition), and out of a total of 14 teams who entered, we won first place and the innovation award. I would like to thank all the other teams who competed against us, and can't wait to try and attempt this again come next year.

From left to right Steven Sherrod(me), Jainan Sankalia, Eric Wenske, Katherine Hernandez, Jake Washenfelder and a special thanks to our business guy, Eric Lewis, who couldn't make it into the photo in time. I was the lead concept, modeler, and rigger. Jainan was our lead UV/Texture artist. He also helped flesh out the design of the game. Eric Wenske was our all around game designer, and man did he work hard for our team. Not only did he model a few things, but he also UVed, textured, programmed, concepted, and designed the gameplay, story, and just about everything else. Katherine was our music/sound girl. She made all the music and sound effects you hear in the game. Jake was our lead programmer. He did most of the code to get the enemies, platform ball, and made it possible to turn the Unreal engine into a cooperative game. And finally, Eric Lewis, who was our business guy, helped us earn about 50% of our points with an excellent business document. Thanks everyone and good luck on your finals.

Here is the video to our game. This was just a short play through that was spliced together of me and Eric playing through the levels cooperatively, and once again if you would like to download the mod and play through it with a friend you can download the game here, but make sure to play with a friend because it is a cooperative game and isn't meant to be played alone. Enjoy!

-Steven Sherrod